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The Funnel and the Sieve

When designing a product or more simply finding a solution to a problem the process of filtering is key. Once we have clear the scope that will lead our work we look for solutions, these solutions will then be filtered to keep the most suitable and merged in a Frankenstein solution that we can call the alpha model / concept of the final product. We can divide this filtering process in two main steps: the “FUNNEL” and the “SIEVE”. 

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Focus, Clarity and Simplicity

When a website (as any other product) is built and maintained with focus on the original main purpose for the website itself to be live  ( information, brand recognition, …), and when that purpose is made simple to achieve for the user throughout the navigation, in this case, the website, will just need good, recurring content update (and small planned adjustments as a result of long term testing).

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Purpose > Feature > Shape

Have you ever tried to get out of the house without opening the door? Or getting ready for a fancy party and putting on your trousers before your underwear? (you’ll be for sure the soul of the party)

Do tasks completed in different order bring to the same result?

When approaching a project (or simply an issue), the function/solution that will resolve the project will need to be defined after understanding the main purpose that the project has to fulfilled.

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Sharpening the Ax

When we face an issue that we need to solve, or a project for which we need to find a solution we can follow mainly two strategies. We could rush to solutions or slow down and think first.

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