Web Design



One central portal to give services and value to Veka’s clients, the biggest window manufacturer in the world.


year // 2018

role // Lead Product Digital Designer

client // Veka


Web Design

/ Dashboard

Discover / Brief

Veka are the biggest window manufacturer in the world. They have a huge client base of fabricators and installers. As a value – added service to clients, Veka provides clients with access to a variety of different applications, each of them has its own URL, username and password which made it a challenge for the clients to access and get value from, for this reason they sent negative feedback about it.

Discover / Research

To define the concept I first review and understood all the existing applications and the typical users , then, together with the developer team, we searched and checked valid solution to integrate multiple apps in one solution.


Simplify process to allow user to get value from many different apps provided by Veka.

/ Login page

Define / Strategy

Reviewing the existing apps was a key step to understand the right way to integrate them into the new portal. We defined two kinds of possible apps, one that allowed re-skinning and one that didn’t; for both, we structure a solution to integrate them in the portal always keeping in mind the importance of SSO and simple user flow through the apps.

Define / Concept

To make the whole product visually appealing and also connected to Veka’s core business I structured it based on a diamond-shaped grid, not only visible through the elements but also actually present as an element itself (to resemble a view through a window). 

This diamond structure was populated by diamonds tiles to access the different applications. On this same grid, I created the design system to skin those applications that allow it and the blank frames for those that didn’t (that were incorporated in the portal by the use of i-frames). This solution, originally requested only desktop friendly, was then made fully responsible.

Design / Solution

We created a portal with SSO that integrates with all existing apps where Veka clients can easily access and use them. It was designed and live within a month. Users were delighted to have all the application in one central area, requests for help with forgotten passwords has reduced dramatically.

/ VEKA gallery


As a result of the success of the portal, we integrate even more applications and we created a mobile version too.


The project was also chosen to represent the company at the WIREHIVE 100 for best digital transformation.

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