/KYM FIELD SCHOOLS – for tropical savanna climate of africa – architectural concept project competition/

The Competition aims to support the development of original, innovative, environmentalist and economical school architecture designs and the implementation of innovative ideas for the Field Schools planned to be constructed in various countries. Since the schools aimed to be built need to be sustainable, it is unacceptable to design them independent of the climate. Therefore, one of the common climate zones of Africa is selected and the competition is planned for the areas where this climate zone is effective. In addition, new competitions are being planned to be held in future for other climate zones of Africa.

/SaamSkool – CONCEPT/

The basic shape of the school is based on a CROSS, universally cosidered as a strong marking sign.
We want to identificate this place of union and growth, the school expresses the “WE ARE HERE”.
The big roof is thinking in order to cover the whole structure, inside and outside, and to make feel protected people under it.
Under the big cross roof there are two volumes, one of 80mq and one of 30mq, create by dividing a square of 110mq. The materials chosen are two: bamboo, for the whole structure, the roof, the doors, the forniture, and Clay, for the flooring, both natural and local even in the building tecinques. Thanks to these materials the school costruction is sustainable for nature and it is easy and economic to build.

/SaamSkool – the NET/


In the 300 mq external space there are two big area made of a NETof rope that create a different way of living this place, it can be used to play or relax during free time. Thanks to these net people can sit on a comfortable and clean place.

/SaamSkool – flexible classrooms and ventilation/

African’s class are composed by people of different ages, but if they just have an instruction I could be possibile to divide them in different level. In order to make a flexible studing space the classrooms’ structure is fully modificable. Thanks to an easy system of doors the classrooms can be opened or closed, united or divided. In this way it is possible to have one or two classrooms and the interior space can be lived join to the exterior one.

This openable walls, with 40 cm of space above, helps ventilation as well.

/ Program used /

/University project for Kym Field contest/