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The Pouch was an icon of the 90s, it can be useful today?

ROUTE is the 2.0 pouch, light and dynamic, it changes with your needs.

/Bend, Division, Propagation/

The bend from a larger to a smallest dimension;

The division of the space in two or more parts by the fold;

The multiplication of possibilities of use and compartments with each fold and division.

/The SIMPLE Shape/

Primary shape, like square and circle, can easly suggest how to use Route.

They were choosen for this reason and to adapt it to many situations.

/How it works/

Route has many possible configuration. This are three suggestions.

From the basic pouch shape by sliding a zip you can access to a new big pocket, then use the carabiner to have shoulder bag.

If you need a back pack you can just flip the big pocket and hold with the carabiner the two holes.



/LOGO – The City Bag/

The name is inspired by the linear shape of the pouch and is linked the soul of the project based on urban nomad.

The logo’s shape is based on the real shape that create a stylized city.

/ Program used /

/University project/