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Carrier transport for FISH is due to STRESS and Dangerous.


Starting from the challenge of making a cardboard carrier for fish, it solves problems and limitation of current methods.


I interviewed fish-business owner and fish owner to understand what was the point of view of the expert and they let me discover that transport for fish is a very stressful journey and they may even die.

After collecting this information I was able to test  myself the process and collect some more information.


Pez-Box adds new features thanks to a particular shape and graphic that improve also the sales.


/ What is Better /

Changes in temperature are hazardous for fish, so Pez-Box is made of thermally insulating material.

The sun exposure of the plastic bag, commonly use, due to release of toxic substances, so Pez-Box is made to protect the plastic bag by the cardboard.

This normal plastic bag has 2 hours autonomy (caused by the lack of air exchange), after that the fish dies of asphyxiation, so  Pez-Box gives the opportunity to open bag safetly without of water leaks.

The plastic bag has an high risk of breaking, so Pez-Box has resistant materials and structural folds studied since the origami.




/ How it Works /

Pez-Box is sold non-bent to optimize the space in which it is placed.

The operation is very simple:

  1. by pressing on the tip below it is open and is ready yo receive the water and the fish
  2. once set the water and added the fish the upper portion of the handle overlaps the opposite one
  3. by inserting the cable tie the box makes it safe for transportation.


/ Program used /

/University project/