link from the glorious past and the  present. NEXU.


year // 2014

role // Product Designer

client // La Sapienza – University of Rome

duration // 12 months


Exhibit / Product Design


Rhinoceros 3D / Cinema4D / vRay / AutoCad / Photoshop / Illustrator / Animate CC / After Effect / Premiere Pro

/ Nexu


Since  “La Sapienza” university city foundation in 1303 until today the architectural style of this unique university changed from Marcello Piacentini or Gio Ponti to the prefabricated structures of the ’70. All these different styles are mixed today.
The area is deteriorated and together with other logistic problems have created the need for a Solution. 


To better understand the problem and so find the right solution the research was based on my self-experience and knowledge of the city and on a series of interviews to students, teachers and general staff regarding their personal experience in living the University.

It was also important to have a historical comprehension of the architecture to deliver a micro-architecture that was harmonic to the existing structures.

/ Nexu – use example


The main scope was to bring “La Sapienza” University city to be again a great place to study and so to revalue the historical buildings through the right mix with new micro-architecture

This micro-architecture had to be cheap, easy to built and resistant.


/ What “La Sapienza” needs /

  • clear signs
  • more meeting points
  • stylistic and formal homogeneity


It is possible to create new usable places, tables, seats informative panels simply by placing this tape on the ground.

When you place it on the grass it merges itself with the grass itself thanks to the honeycomb grid.

When you place on concrete or stone you will bring there the “green” and the modular structure perfectly merge itself with the chosen area and the historical building.

/ Nexu playground

/ Modularity / 

The project is based on 6 types of modules.

They are easy to build, light to transport and designed to withstand weather, time and thugs.

/ Nexu assemble 

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