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A new website for Bull’s Eye for it’s arrival into the European Market.


year // 2017

role // Lead Product Digital Designer / UX Designer

client // Heinz

duration // 3 months


Sketch / InVision / Illustrator / Animate CC / After Effect 

/ BULL’S-EYE homepage

Discover / Brief

KraftHeinz newly acquired brand, Bull’s-Eye, needed its first European website upon its arrival to the European market.

The design was then needed to be rolled out across several European territories always keeping consistency with the new brand guidelines.

Discover / Research

Even if Bull’s-Eye is a brand born in 1985 in USA, it was new to UK and generally in Europe (except in Germany where it had some following). To create a proper showcase website where the users can embrace the spirit of the brand I needed to understand it myself first; I started by studying the history of the brand and then by reviewing and deeply understanding the message behind the new brand guideline.

I also made great use of the main persona, called Tom, created via marketing research to define the brand target customer for the market.


Reflect the strict brand guidelines to create an amazing experience on a mobile first website.

Working on a multi-agency project (with 5+ agencies involved to deliver on specific tasks) always keeping material updated to the latest.

/ User Flow visualisation from Google Analytics

/ Suggested User Flow – visualisation

/ Wireframe

Define / Strategy

After having a clear understanding of the target for the brand, and so the website (using the research done by the marketing team for this project and by interviewing the product managers), I created the first site map and user journey flow. Once the purpose and the structure were clear I defined the website structure and pages key elements using basic wireframing. To get the client on board with the defined website structure I mocked-up the website using brand assets and guidelines and presented it via an animated video and an interactive Invision.

Define / Concept

The website is structured in 3 main pages, the homepage, with a strong focus on the products and simple ways to discover more about them, the actual product page and the about/history page. The whole experience is designed to have the product stand out for its “boldness” ( following the “cook strong” key line) and its modern distinctive look compared to the competitors. Flat, colourful background do match the product to create an immersive experience with each of them.

Design / Solution

I was able to create an engaging experience that expresses the “COOK STRONG” message and that guides the user through a simple and clear journey to discover the brand and the product. This solution was then rolled out to Germany, Belgium and France.

/ BULL’S-EYE product page

/ BULL’S-EYE product page

What I learned

I was able to gain experience in launching a big brand through digital channels and I also working on a multi-agency project.


The project was chosen to represent the company at the WIREHIVE 100 for best consumer website of the year.

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