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About Me ?

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Lorenzo designed and installed our glass meeting room in our Rome office.
The idea was great and the result even better.
Now every client we meet is attracted by it and it is always a good starting point to express on what is based our business.
F.Francia ( from DF Francia s.r.l. )

I started a new online business based on my artwork.

Lorenzo designed for me some amazing stuff like my logo, my business card and my website and even more He was able to give me a complete service by including the product photography so I was able to hire one professional for all my necessities.

Miriam ( from )

I own a restaurant in London, when Lorenzo came to my business I was looking for a designer to restyle my business image.

He understood clearly my customer target, my needs and my strength and now I got more customers that are surely attracted from the new great look.

Harry ( from Olive )


The will to design comes from the desire to improve and simplify what is complex.

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Passion, analysis and simplification make the difference in order to reach the right solution.

The project has to be based on simple and  effective ideas in order to create simple and effective results.
Design is an ever-changing challenge in which diversity creates an interdisciplinary knowledge and the advantage to think outside the box.

Design demand studyingresearchteam work and communication, which combined create great results, high value, effective function and low costs.

Photography means to guide people to feel the sensation that you catch for them.

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I take pictures to catch images, meanings and thoughts, to capture a feeling to share with the observer.

Photography means analyzing what you are looking at to understand what attracted you, what you need to catch in order to make of the picture the perfect synthesis between what you saw , your feelings and thoughts.

Hello! I am Lorenzo, I was born in Rome back in -94 and In the last 22 years I lived in Rome.

I travel, study and learn as much as I can, and I will never stop doing this.

During my short time on this earth I have come to understand that I love to learn, thinking creatively and to solve problems.
I can’t do the distinction between work and free time because I really enjoy every job that I make, although some of them were far from my studies, I appreciate every new experience and challenge.
After my degree in industrial design, in 2016,  I moved to London with my girlfriend. I fell in love with this city  the first time I went here, it is full of different and vibrant multicultural and opportunity.
Fitness and health in an important part of my daily routine.

I would like to try and practice as many sports as it is possible.

From when I am in London I have helped many small and medium businees to grow by selling better who they are and maximise their value.

In October 2017 I happly join the MagLabs digital Team as Head of Digital Design and since then I am getting the chance to work with great clients such as Kraft-Heinz, WorldofDutyFree and NBC.